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The Perfect Place to Grow…


At Little Blossoms Nursery Nuneaton we have created a safe, calm and homely environment with a vision that children of all ages can join us to learn and grow at their own pace.

Safe, calm and homely environment

Little Blossoms Nursery has established a safe, calm and homely environment with a vision that children of all ages can join us to learn and grow at their own pace.

We are combining years of experience to ensure that we can provide quality care to children within the surrounding areas. The goal is to create a ‘home from home’ space that children of all ages are comfortable in, providing excellent learning opportunities and time for their imagination to grow.

We want children to feel safe here, with a team that has their best interests in sight, forming bonds from a young age to support them in their delicate early years. We also want a space where parents can leave their children feeling secure that they will be receiving only the best care and attention.




All of our staff are qualified with a recognised childcare qualification. All of the staff are enthusiastic, motivated, and committed to providing high quality childcare and have a genuine love of children.


Chef Prepared Meals

We cater for all dietary requirements including, vegetarian diets, allergen-free diets – for example dairy or gluten-free – can be provided by prior arrangement as can medical, Halal or other religious or cultural diets.


Hygienic Facilities

We are proud to have a 5 star food hygiene rating and pride ourselves on hygiene and the cleanliness. We ensure that safe and healthy practices around the storage, preparation and service of food are maintained.

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All Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Learning and Development and General policies are available on request.

famly-logo-app-white out Family App lgo


Famly keeps parents in the loop, with personal news feeds, care updates, invoices, payment processing, messaging, registration and so much more. It keeps parents/carers updated in real time.
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